Templeton tactics

This is an interesting tidbit. The Templeton Foundation is a private foundation which provides support for thinkers who try to integrate contemporary science with traditional religion. It’s an enormously wealthy foundation which awards the biggest cash prize in the world, for anything (bigger than the Nobel). It’s always seemed a little fishy to me, since … Continue reading “Templeton tactics”

Does the universe have a purpose?

Survey a variety of answers here (from the Templeton foundation), ranging from “Unlikely” to “I hope so”. Here’s an excerpt from Elie Wiesel: But I know this: the questions that confront us today do have a response; and this response engages us. If the present world has a purpose or fate, it must be the … Continue reading “Does the universe have a purpose?”

Philosopher gets $4m to figure out free will

More details here. Alfred Mele, the philosopher in question, has a very solid reputation, and has published interesting and important theories about agents and actions. I’m sure anything he comes up with will be worth studying. But it is funny to read how his university has tried to spin this news — they are working … Continue reading “Philosopher gets $4m to figure out free will”