Major/minor info

NOTE: We are changing the requirements for the major and minor. These will be effective for those who declare their major/minor in Spring 2023 and after.

➛PHIL 2200 (Deductive Logic) (3 cr)
➛PHIL 3010 (Ancient/Medieval Phil) (3 cr)
➛PHIL 3020 (Survey Modern Phil) (3 cr)
➛PHIL 1120 (Social Ethics) or PHIL 2400 (Ethics) or any upper-division ethics or politics course (3500, 3530, 3580, 3700, 4500) (3 cr)
➛PHIL 4300 (Epistemology) or PHIL 4310 (Phil Science) or PHIL 4400 (Metaphysics) or PHIL 4410 (Phil Mind) (3 cr)
➛ Five additional PHIL courses (15 cr)
➛PHIL 4990 (Phil Capstone) (1 cr): This course is taken along with one of your last upper-division classes. You create a portfolio which expresses how you have developed as a philosopher, what you have learned, and what you can do.

All Philosophy Majors must have a minor or additional major in some other discipline.

➛PHIL 3010 (Ancient/Medieval Phil)
➛PHIL 3020 (Survey Modern Phil)
➛Four additional PHIL courses

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