Philosophy@Utah State

2016 Intermountain Philosophy Conference

(Note: this isn’t the same thing as the 2017 conference, posted below). This conference will be at Weber State on November 4th. Here is the program: 2016ipcprogram. Local celebrities Erica Holberg and Charlie Huenemann will be presenting, alongside many great philosophers from around the state!

2017 Intermountain West Student Philosophy Conference

You should participate!

Deadline for submitting proposals: December 5th

More information in this pdf: iwspc-cfa-02

Superhero Symposium, Tuesday 10/25


Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

A conference at NYU will be streaming its presentations; students in Phil Mind may be interested. More information here.

What to do with a philosophy degree

An article based on the experience of our colleagues at Wheaton College (full article here):

The numbers reveal that Wheaton philosophy majors are the second most likely, after computer science majors, to find full-time employment six months after graduation. Philosophy majors are finding success in a wide variety of jobs, from app developer to investigative attorney, chef to teacher to pharmacist.

Flash! Philosophy – October 25th

A couple of years ago some students started “Flash! Philosophy.” The idea is to have students take 5-10 minutes to present an idea, an enthusiasm, or a joke, just for the fun of having philosophical discussion. In previous years we’ve heard “Earn Your Salsa,” “Superheores and Slobs,” “The Ethics of Leopard Print,” and “The Philosophy of Thoughtlessness” – as well as many others (“Teleology of Beard Growing” and “Farts: A Transcendental Inquiry” come to mind). It’s meant to be just an occasion to have fun with ideas.

So I am now putting out a CALL FOR IDEAS. If you’d like to present something – really, anything – just send me a note (charlie.huenemann (at) or catch me in the hall, and we’ll put together a list. I’ve booked a room (MAIN 119) for Tuesday, October 25th, 7 pm – hopefully, that date and time will work for people.

Philosophy of imaginary entities

A fun video: