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Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

Job candidates in philosophy

Hello students! You should know that we are in the middle of hiring somebody as a new professor in our program. We will be having four job candidates interview with us, and you are welcome to meet them and let us know what you think.

Below are the opportunities to meet our first two candidates:

Friday, January 21:

Candidate: Marshall Bierson, University of Florida
1:30-2:30: meet and greet with faculty, students (CSPH conference room)
3:00-4:00: informal research talk: “Finding In Form(ative) Solutions to Ethical Puzzles” (Main 227)

Monday, January 24:

Candidate: Evan (Tucker) Sechrest, DePauw University
10:15-11:15 – informal meet and greet with faculty, students (CSPH conference room)
2:30-3:30 – informal research talk: “Democratic Law Is Not Unique” (Main 227)

Philosophy Club events this week

Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 7th), Dr. Brittany Gentry will be giving a talk on the topic of time.  This event will be at 4:00 in ESLC 053.

Thursday , December 9th, we will have an Ethics Slam.  The topic is Space Ethics.  For this slam, we’ll be partnering with the Douglas Space and Science Foundation. It will be on Zoom at 6:00.  The registration link is the following:

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows for Spring: application

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows (UTFs) assist a professor in teaching a class. They are awarded $750 for the semester, and are expected to attend the class they are assisting with and work with the professor in helping the students with the material. For more information about USU’s UTF program, please see this site.

We will be looking for 7 UTFs in philosophy this coming spring. If you are interested, please complete the Philosophy UTF application form.

Spring 2022 philosophy classes

PHIL 1000 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY (BHU) – B. Gentry – MWF 8:30
PHIL 1000 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY (BHU) – B. Gentry – MWF 2:30
PHIL 1120 SOCIAL ETHICS (BHU) – M. Otteson – MWF 1:30
PHIL 1120 SOCIAL ETHICS (BHU) – M. Otteson – MWF 12:30
PHIL 2200 DEDUCTIVE LOGIC (QI) – C. Huenemann – TR 12:00
PHIL 2400 ETHICS (BHU) – M. Ashfield – MWF 3:30
PHIL 2400 ETHICS (BHU) – M. Ashfield – MWF 11:30
PHIL 3100 ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY (CI) – M. Otteson – MWF 10:30
PHIL 3530 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS (DHA) – M. Ashfield – TR 9:00
PHIL 3580 ETHICS AND ECON LIFE (DHA) – H. Kleiner – MW 3:00
PHIL 3600 PHIL OF RELIGION (DHA) – M. Ashfield – MWF 2:30
PHIL 3800 PHILOSOPHY IN LIT (DHA) – C. Huenemann – TR 9:00
PHIL 3990 PHILOSOPHY/POP CULTURE (DHA): The Rise of the Podcast – M. Otteson – TR 10:30
PHIL 4310 PHLOSOPHY OF SCIENCE (DHA) – B. Gentry – MWF 11:30

Aesthetics lecture:  John C. Welchman

There is an interesting exhibit now showing on campus at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art. The exhibit is “Your place in the Multiverse” by Jean Lowe. It doesn’t have to do with quantum mechanics, but instead playfully presents us with the ways we present our lives and selves to ourselves in a capitalist culture. Lowe’s work “carefully and humorously unpacks the ironies and challenges of our 21st-century culture.”

There will be a lecture by John C. Welchman about Lowe’s work. Welchman is a professor at the University of California San Diego who works in modern and contemporary art history and critical theory, and will be discussing the thought of Theodor Adorno in this lecture. The lecture will be on October 19th, 12:30 pm, and held over Zoom, but if you want to attend you will need to register. More information here about the exhibit (including a virtual tour): the exhibit

Here is the link to register for the lecture: Register for lecture.