REMINDER: Calling for Undergraduate Teaching Fellows in Philosophy!

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows (UTFs) assist a professor in teaching a class. They are awarded $750 for the semester, and they are expected to attend the class they are assisting with and work with the professor in helping the students with the material. For more information about USU’s UTF program, please see this site.

We will be looking for 10 UTFs in philosophy this coming fall. If you are interested, please complete the UTF application for philosophy.

NOTE: The deadline for applications is April 28, 2023.

Two seminars next fall

Next fall we are offering two seminars.

The first, PHIL 4900-001, will be on the Enlightenment (you know, ideals of liberty, reason, free speech, etc) We will be asking three questions: What is it? What cases can be made for it and against it? Is it a live option for today? We’ll be reading historical figures like Voltaire and Kant, but also more contemporary defenders and critics.

The second, PHIL 4900-002, will be on the history and philosophy of ancient religions (cross-listed as HIST/RELS 3480). This will be an examination of how the ancients put together nature and divinity into worldviews that informed their lives. Most of the focus will be pre-Christian, though at the end of the class we may get to early Christianity.

These should be great classes! If you have any trouble signing up, because of pre-reqs or whatever, please contact me or Cassidy Hansen.