Phil 4990: Capstone Portfolio

Students declaring their philosophy major in Spring 2023 and afterwards are required to complete Phil 4990, the Philosophy Capstone Portfolio. This is a 1-credit “add-on” to another upper-division philosophy course you are taking as you complete the major.

The “portfolio experience” is meant to help you explain how you have developed as a philosopher: what you have learned, what skills you have learned, and what your future might include. A portfolio will include three items:

  1. a revision of a paper you are writing for the related upper-division class. The revision should turn the paper into a “public” discussion, or one that is interesting to a broader audience. It should be something you could consider publishing in an undergraduate journal, or in a magazine or blog, or using as a writing sample for grad school.
  2. a brief “intellectual biography” explaining how you have been shaped by the study of philosophy. Have you discovered deeper truths about yourself or others or the world? Have you learned how to explain more clearly, or present better arguments, or make more informed judgments? What role will what you have learned play in the rest of your life?
  3. a CV or resume.

Signing up for Phil 4910 will also give you the chance to work together with other students completing their portfolios, as well as gain information from specialists in career services.

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