Phil 4910: Readings and Research

If you are far along in your major in philosophy, and you would like to plunge into some topic in greater depth, you should talk with a professor about taking Phil 4910, a “bespoke” course on a topic of interest to you and the professor. This is meant to be a course above and beyond the regular courses we offer, so you shouldn’t consider signing up for it until you are far along in the major (say, have completed at least 21 credits).

Warning: professors’ schedules vary and sometimes get very busy, so they may not always be able to accommodate your request. Still, you should talk to them about your interest. At the very least they may be able to recommend some books or articles to you and help you think through the topic informally.

The outcome of a 4910 course may be a series of short reflection papers, or a longer paper you could publish in an undergraduate journal or send off as a writing sample to grad school, or some other project that best expresses your discoveries.

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