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Phi Sigma Tau induction

Two new members inscribed their names onto the ancient scrolls of PST membership last night – Saul Gonzalez and Kaden McArthur. All rites were observed, and a good time was had by all!

How PHIL 4910 (Readings and Research) works

Students sometimes ask me how PHIL 4910 (Readings and Research) works. The idea is this. If you are more than halfway done with the courses for your PHIL major, and there is something that interests you that isn’t getting covered in our normally scheduled classes, you can approach a professor to see whether you can take PHIL 4910 with them. It may work out with their schedule, or it may not, but you can always ask. Each professor might run a 4910 differently, but typically you would meet with the professor weekly, and write weekly short papers, or one big one for the term. It’s like another class, but with individualized attention.

PHIL 4910 is also the course you would take if you are interested in writing a senior thesis in philosophy.

I wanted to write this general explanation of how 4910 works, but I also wanted to ask around to see if anyone is interested in studying philosophy of mathematics with me next term (Fall). At least one student has expressed interest, but I’m guessing there may be more. If you think you are interested, please send me a note at charlie.huenemann[at]

Calling all Phi Sigma Tau wannabees


If you are interested in joining philosophy’s honor society, Phi Sigma Tau, please send me a note expressing that interest (charlie.huenemann[@] Please note that you may have expressed that interest in the past, and I may well have forgotten; so, just to be sure, let me know again!

To join Phi Sigma Tau, you need to meet the following requirements:

• You must have completed 1.5 semesters at USU;
• You must have a 3.3 cumulative GPA;
• You must have completed (or are now completing) three Philosophy classes;
• You must have a B average in your Philosophy classes.

Note that you need not be a minor or major in Philosophy.

We will have a dinner and induction ceremony (which is a highly-cultivated display of silliness) sometime over finals week. It costs $25 to join.