Effective Altruism discussion at Philosophy Club

From Preston: “For our meeting this Tuesday we’ll be discussing effective altruism, a social/philosophical movement that aims at benefiting as many people as possible, and which often looks to the long-term future in order to do so. We’ll be meeting in Old Main room 115 at 4:30 PM on Tuesday the 15th. Peter Singer, a famous effective altruist, wrote a paper that serves as a useful intro and conversation starter on the topic that you may want to read.”

Philosophy Club: What Mary didn’t Know

Philosophy Club will be discussing philosophy of mind tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:30 pm in Main 115. Here is a short article for some content: https://1000wordphilosophy.com/2019/10/05/the-knowledge-argument-against-physicalism/

P.S. – for anyone wondering how a good huenemanniac would respond, here’s a brief reply.