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Philosophy Undergraduate Teaching Fellows

If you are interested in serving as an undergraduate teaching fellow in either Intro or Ethics in the spring, please send me a note as soon as you can. (


Summer program in philosophy

…at Hamilton College, in upstate New York. Here’s the general idea, and I’ll attach a pdf with more details:

Do you love studying philosophy? Would you like to spend two weeks this summer with creative philosophy teachers and enthusiastic students? The Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy (HCSPiP) may be for you!

The HCSPiP is designed for twenty excellent undergraduate students seeking an exciting and collegial two-week experience studying philosophy with other ambitious students. Three concurrent courses, chosen for their innovative pedagogies, will be offered, June 24–July 5, 2019.

HCSPiP Student Call


Classes for Spring 2019

Here they are!

Phil Sp 2019 (1)

A couple of notes. First, we’re trying a once-a-week evening class (Philosophy and Pop Culture, PHIL 3990). The topic this time is “Documentary, Truth, and Representation”. The longer class period should allow for watching more of the films and having more time for discussion.

Second, we now have a Philosophy Capstone Seminar (PHIL 4990). This is a class you should take when you are finishing up your degree. The pre-req is 21 credits in Philosophy (7 classes) – but since this is new, I’m not sure if we’ve set the bar too high. So if you’re far along, but not that far along, and want to take the class, feel free to talk with me (Huenemann) and we’ll determine if it’s right for you.

Philosophy conference at U Utah, Friday

From our colleagues at the University of Utah:

This Friday is the annual Intermountain West [Graduate] Student Philosophy Conference! By popular demand, we’ve shortened it to just one day, and this has also allowed us to provide a more focused topic for the talks. This year, we have four graduate students presenting on the topic “Bioethics and Decision Making”. Thi Nguyen from Utah Valley University will be our keynote speaker, presenting his talk “Games, Gamification, and Value Capture”.

The student presentations will begin at 10 am in the Tanner Library, with a break at 12 for lunch. The keynote will begin at 3pm in the Tanner Library. Please see the attached program for more detailed information, including presentation titles.

Program IWSPC 18–Agenda