Ancient Phil in Fall

Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 3100), taught by Gary McGonagill, will be offered in Fall 2018. We’re experiencing some delay in getting it posted on the Schedule. It will meet MWF, 1:30-2:20.


You lie! Discussion on Wednesday

Chasen Robbins is organizing a set of fun philosophy discussions.

“When is it okay to tell a lie?”

Come have some cookies and discuss the moral dimensions of lying. Wednesday, March 28th, 5-7 p.m., in the Hub (in the TSC).

LPCS Colloquium: abstracts due March 23rd

If you – or you plus some other students – would like to present a paper or a panel discussion on some philosophical topic, you should submit an abstract to the Languages, philosophy, and Communication Studies colloquium. Here is the note I received from the organizer:

“Please find the attached CFP for the Spring 2018 LPCS student research symposium, to be held April 20, 2018.  Please announce this in your classes and encourage students to be involved.  Students are invited to submit abstracts to me by next Friday, March 23.  Alternatively, faculty members can organize their own panels and submit the entire panel info (student names and paper titles) to me by the deadline.  Students wanting to be considered for the Best Paper Award should submit complete papers to me by April 6.”

The organizer is David Richter, and his email is david.richter[at] And here is the call for papers: LPCS symposium CFP 2018

Mormon Philosophy Conference

Of possible interest to some in the USU Philosophy community:

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology will hold its 2018 annual meeting at USU.  Friday/ Sat March 16-17, 9-5pm.  University Inn Level 5, Rooms 507 and 510.  Theme: The Exaltation Revelations (D&C 76, 84, 88, and 93)

Click here for a full conference schedule. Talks on law, justice, open theism, human and divine nature, a critique LDS theology of gender, etc.