2 thoughts on ““All philosophers ever do is take sides and argue with each other!””

    1. Mircea Eliade thought and wrote a lot about the “sacred” and the “profane.” Many perceive that all is profane and that a thing, idea, or feeling only becomes sacred as an individual or society deems it to be so. Others would argue that all is sacred and only becomes profane as individuals or societies deem it to be so. Some regard the sacred and profane to be mutually constituting and indivisible. And some may even argue that neither the sacred nor profane exist at all and are merely ideas/thoughts. But then many believe thoughts to be material and on and on… point is, I like to think that philosophers (and I mean good ones and not only the kind with college degrees) take a “side” and like a scientific hypothesis run it through a series of thought experiments to see if their hypothesis stands up to rigorous thought and application; if it has great explanatory power. Others join the exercise to see if those thought experiments are replicable and if they hold up over space and time (frequency and distribution) and this ideally happens with each of the strands of opinion and observation. So for me, taking sides and arguing is not problematic. I’d just like to see philosophers more actively trying to disprove their own theories rather than become entrenched in them.


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