Arche: undergraduate jounral in philosophy, call for papers

[from Arche] Our Spring issue will be devoted to explorations of language, literature, and the interactions thereof. We are open to submissions of various formats, including research papers, critical analyses, conference presentation materials, interviews, and original essays.

We would be grateful if you would circulate this email and our call for submissions flyer: All submissions should be sent with an abstract in English to and will be reviewed on a rolling basis through March 1, 2022. Please remove any identifying information from your submission(s). 

With thanks for your attention and support, 



NYU undergrad conference

This note received:

Greetings from the Annual Philosophy Conference @ NYU (AUPC @ NYU)! We sincerely invite you to join our virtual conference on May 22nd & 23rd. We hope you can share this invitation with your philosophy students. 

Introducing the Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2021 at NYU

AUPC@NYU envisions not only offering a platform for undergraduate philosophy students to share their work and have thought-provoking discussions with their peers, but also fostering a supportive network among philosophy students. Along with paper discussion sessions, AUPC@NYU will also host guest speeches, graduate study panels, and networking events.

In the times of a global pandemic, we see the value of asking and exploring important questions. Witnessing the world looking to achieve a new equilibrium, we believe that fostering philosophical discussions is of unique value.

Speakers & Events

Speaker Series

AUPC @ NYU 2021 has the pleasure of inviting great guest speakers with specialty in various philosophy topics to share their research and insights with undergraduate students. Speakers include Thomas Nagel, Paul Boghossian, David Chalmers, Ned Block, Sharon Street, Paul Thagard; more speakers to come!

Graduate Panel

PhD and Postdoc Philosophy students at NYU talking about their experiences of pursuing graduate studies at NYU.

Networking Events

Sign-up to team up for chill philosophy quizzes! And get to know fellow philosophy lovers from other universities.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can find more information and sign-up for the conference from our website


AUPC@NYU Organizing Committee