T-shirts — again!

Sorry to bother everyone with this silliness, just at the end-of-term rush, but I’m hoping to get this vital matter settled before summer begins, so that we’ll have something ready at the start of Fall semester.

What should go on the back of the t-shirt? (I am assuming the front will be a Greek phi.) There have been quite a few suggestions, which I am dictatorially reducing to these six finalists. Which (if any) do you prefer?

1. “USU Philosophy (I think)”
2. “Anticipatorily hearkening the eschatological apokalupsis of Sein”
3. “Are we thinking yet?”
4. “The unexamined life sucks”
5. “What do you really know?”
6. “I think I think; therefore, I think I am”

Let me know!

Summertime musings: Philosophy takes on grilling

The age old debate – charcoal vs gas – takes on a philosophical tone (I am borrowing all concepts from Heidegger’s Question Concerning Technology):
Does charcoal grilling help us “learn to think”, while gas grilling frustrates the true essence of thought?
In other words, does gas grilling necessarily involve technological thinking? Is it guilty of “enframing” and “challenging-forth” the fire, wherein we make “unreasonable demands” on the flame? While charcoal grilling, on the contrary, exemplifies the kind of “listening” and “shepherding of Being” that Heidegger is after?

Philosophers’ Carnival

Philosophers’ Carnival is a kind of philosophical conference that is held on the web every 3 weeks or so. It’s worth checking out — some items are funny, others serious, and many are very interesting. The permanent site can be found here. The most recent Carnival – which includes a good essay by Daniel Dennett on what kinds of questions are worth pursuing in philosophy – can be found here.