Allegory of the Cave

August 20, 2014

Explained, with admirable artistic flourish, by our own Dr. Kleiner — 

Our stats are booming

April 30, 2014

This blog gets more visits than one might expect – it’s certainly not huge, but we probably have 30 or so visitors a day on average, and since we don’t post all that often, that surprises me. But I received a notice that we’ve had a recent spike in visitors, and indeed it is true – yesterday and today we’ve had about 60. Why? Well, most of these views have been of a page we published 5 years ago – entitled “Judith Jarvis on Abortion.” Aha! ‘Tis the season for writing papers for Intro to Ethics courses!

(My other blog, huenemanniac, also gets a steady stream of visitors who are either writing papers on Lon Fuller’s Morality of Law, or they are researching the Collier brothers. It’s strange what ends up being a steady attractor of attention!)

LPCS colloquium: Philosophy session

April 22, 2014

All are warmly invited to attend sessions of the undergraduate symposium sponsored by the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies. The full program is here:

LPCS symposium

And here is the Philosophy session:

5:15 – 6:15: “German philosophy and beyond
Room 207
Moderator: Harrison Kleiner

Alex Tarbet, “Schopenhauer’s Blues”

Alan (Gregory) Henderson, “Hegel and the Internet”

(and here’s the “beyond” part!)

Taylor Halvorson, “A visually determined Deutschland”

Symposium on art and theosophy

April 16, 2014

Curious students may find this of intellectual interest. This evening (Wednesday) there is an opening at the Art Museum on campus featuring visual art and music related to theosophy, a strange late 19th-/early 20th-century movement composed of elements from philosophy, mystical religion, science (sort of), and other fringy things like seances and alchemy. Here is a link to the opening reception, which will feature a performance by the Fry Street Quartet, and here is a link to the schedule of a symposium on the next day, Thursday, in case you want to learn even more!

Graduating? Some advice for life

April 10, 2014


From PHD Comics!

Congratulations to one of our own

April 9, 2014

Philosophy major Abigail Fritz was recently name the 2014 CHaSS Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Fellow of the year.  A well deserved recognition, so give her a back slap next time you see her!  Congratulations Ms. Fritz!


Advice about classes next year

April 9, 2014

Students – I (Huenemann) will very likely be on sabbatical over 2015, January to December. This means I will not be teaching PHIL 4300 (Epistemology) in Spring 2015, which figures into the requirements for the Philosophy major. If you were planning on taking that, you should instead take PHIL 4410 (Philosophy of Mind) in Fall 2014, or plan on taking PHIL 4400 (Metaphysics) in Fall 2015. Or, if these options won’t work, please see your Philosophy advisor to work out a different arrangement.


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