What to put on a T-shirt?

We’re thinking of making some “Philosophy” t-shirts, available in the fall. I’ve suggested they could be black, with a philosophy symbol on the front (like a Greek letter phi) and some snappy, funny, or edgy saying on the back. Any suggestions? Here are some contenders: “It’s the mind that matters”, “The unexamined life sucks”, “Wherever you go, there you are”, “We can only say of what is, that it is”, and my own personal favorite: “What are you afraid of?”

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

5 thoughts on “What to put on a T-shirt?”

  1. Suzy R. raised a few more questions to consider — black, or maybe earthy green or brown? And t-shirt, or hoodie (given Logan temperatures)?


  2. (This is Will, the long haired Iraqi veteran from the Nietzsche talk and Harrison’s presentation the other day)
    I would take black, as that is what I normally wear, though earthy green would be appealing both in aesthetics and connection with nature, representing a transcendence from human materialist method toward something deeper and more meaningful.
    For a saying, how about: “Have you met any faces today?” Confusing yet intriguing, or more in accordance with my own musical ideals, “only in death are we most ourselves” though that might cause more trouble than laughter.
    Just a few thoughts, I can think of more if you like. It was a pleasure meeting you Dr. Huenemann, as it alway is to meet awakened and inquisitive minds who see our magazine culture for what it is, a facade in need of rather “aggressive editing.”


  3. i think that the ‘unexamined life sucks’, and the what are you afraid of are 6’s either way, not a huge fan of black though. seems a rather depressing background color for the a shirt advocating the pursuit of knowledge. then again, its just a shirt haha. -sky


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