Funny NYT mistake (from Huenemanniac)

So our president just met with the Pope and they exchanged gifts. Here’s the account from the New York Times, with an unusual and funny mistake:

The two men, as is traditional in such visits, traded gifts. The pope presented the president with an etching of St. Peter’s Square from the 17th century and a gold papal medallion. The president gave the pope a white walking stick made by a former homeless man turned artist from Texas, covered with the 10 commandments in multiple colors.

The pope double-checked with the president what was written on the stick.

“The 10 commandments, sir,” the pope said. He did not use the normal honorific of “Your Holiness.”

(Is Bush now insisting on this honorific?)


4 thoughts on “Funny NYT mistake (from Huenemanniac)

  1. Doug

    Why not call President Bush “Your Holiness”? This particular Pope and President Bush are very similar. Pope Benedict was once a German Nazi soldier (as were most young German men his age), and President Bush’s grandfather became rich from the Nazi’s. President Bush believes he is a prophet of God-well the Pope doesnt go that far!!. Bush believes that condoms and birth control are unholly, so does Pope Benedict. The Pope recently declared that if you are a liberal Catholic politician you should not take communion, Bush believes that Ted Kennedy will burn in hell.

    See why not call him, “Your Holliness Mr. President”???


  2. Doug

    Dr. Huenemann,

    I have recently been informed by the Department of Justice (Gonzalez himself) that due to our current conversation regarding His Holey-ness George II, we are now subject to illegal wiretapping. If we continue this conversation we may be taken to GitMo and subjected to water torture, groin electroshock therapy, and Celine Dion music. I recommend that we cease and desist with our current topic so that the Terrorists do not win!



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