Socrates Cafés, upcoming

Philosophy Club and Phi Sigma Tau met last week to brainstorm over events for the coming year. There was a lot of support for some informal get-togethers, with the aim of providing a time and place for finding other people interested in talking philosophy. (We’re calling them “Socrates Cafés,” following a sizeable national trend, but I think we should come up with our own name for them: “Cave Chats,” perhaps?)

So the first one will be at The Factory pizzeria, below the old Gia’s on Main Street, south of 100 S: Thursday, October 2nd, 7 pm. All are welcome! (I won’t be able to make this one, so if you go, just keep your eyes open for philosophy junkies in need of a fix.)

2 thoughts on “Socrates Cafés, upcoming

  1. Richard Greene

    Hi Charlie and USU folks,
    My colleague here at Weber, Peter Vernezze, just spent two years teaching English at a university in China as part of a Peace Corps service project. While there he hosted a very active and successful Socrates’ Cafe with his students. He recently discussed his experiences with our philosophy club. As you move forward you may want to get in touch with Peter (I believe that Charlie has his contact information).

    By the way, this is my first visit to your blog. I’m quite impressed. I’m sure that I’ll be lurking regularly.

    Richard Greene



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