Philosophy reddit

There is an interesting website called “”, which hosts discussions on a wide variety of topics. People post a link to some interesting webpage, and readers then make comments about it and one another’s comments. You can add or subtract “points” from postings and comments, depending on how good you think they are. They have a philosophy sub-unit, which you can see here.It is definitely worth checking out from time to time.

I hasten to advise you, though, to visit several times just as a lurker, to get a feel for the general atmosphere and the way things are done, before actively contributing. Many of the regular users are really quite sharp, and they do not suffer fools gladly! (And there are sometimes some irksome trolls wandering about.)

10 thoughts on “Philosophy reddit

  1. frodwith

    Oh, I don’t know. There seem to be lots of conservatives there who like to complain about the liberal medi…er, the liberal reddit bias.


  2. Mike

    Though reddit users aren’t all hackers or even all programmers, any sociological analysis would be incomplete without a portrait of J. Random Hacker. It was heavily influenced by programmers of a *nix bent when it first started but it seems much more diverse now, a latter day casualty of Eternal September.

    In any case, you can subscribe to the type of content you wish to digest. So along with the philosophy subreddit there’ s programming, history, literature, poetry, art, and even *gasp* theology, christianity and atheism to name a few. Each subreddit also has it’s own rss feed available at [url]/.rss (e.g. if you don’t want to visit the site.

    The philosophy subreddit has 7,922 subscribers as of a few minutes ago.

    Reddit should be paying me for this.


  3. Kleiner

    Is Redditor engaging in philosophical smack talk? What, is pmn8441 threatening to ‘bring it’? Is going to get ‘served’?
    Is this what happens over at
    ‘Your momma’s ass is so big it is a substance!’
    ‘Yeah, well your momma’s ass is the Platonic Form of Fat!’



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