9 thoughts on “How Machiavellian are you?

  1. Kleiner

    44, I am a Low Mach. I’m sure my sympathies with Aristotelian virtue ethics pushed my score down.
    To the question of Machy disposition by major — I double-majored in philosophy and politics in college (my alma mater’s department has since changed its name from ‘politics’ to ‘political science’ – my guess is that they know more now since they have the name ’science’ attached to their discipline.)


  2. Doug Beazer

    I just dont believe in offering out trust to everyone. I think I scored high because I have a sort of pessimistic view of the world; yet, I am an idealist. So I guess I believe people will act poorly if they focus on individual needs, but if we focus on the needs of the group, then things work out for the best. Hmmm, does that make me a fan of a dictator/socialist?



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