6 thoughts on “The 12th-best job …”

  1. I’m no statistician (3) but I’ll take the median which will make me twice as happy as you! (Note the irony “twice as happy”– quite obviously NOT a statistician)

    Unrelated: I just finished reading an essay on Trust and the Ethics of Knowing which I think is fairly good. Among other things, it talks about the value of “world-traveling” (exploring how other people see the world) as an expression of love that’s useful for understanding.


  2. Does that ranking consider the crushing anxiety of people young in their careers who work at schools facing catastrophic budget cuts?


  3. I’d be happier working as a lumberjack (the ‘least desirable’ job on the list) than performing about half of the top twenty. I mistrust the methods. As if gratification out of a profession can be so neatly quantified, or really quantified at all! The most radiant person I know in the music building is the janitor.


  4. I used to be an accountant and was miserable the whole time. I’ve been pretty ecstatic about working as a philosopher (even when adjuncting). The moral: one should be very dubious about summary statistics.


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