Animal rights in the news

NBC decided not to air these PETA ads during the Super Bowl, considering them too racy.  While they are plenty of over-sexed ads shown during Super Bowls, I do think these go too far.  So we have questions of both censorship and animal rights.  Decide for yourself on the ads here.  

Of course the point of the ads (effective even if they are not aired) is to spark discussion about the morality of eating meat.  I think the ad listed on the page called ‘Chew on This‘ is much more effective.

Author: Kleiner

Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. I teach across the curriculum, but am most interested in continental philosophy, ancient and medieval philosophy as well as Catholic thought, all of which might be summed up as an interest in the ressourcement tradition (returning in order to make progress). I also enjoy spending time thinking about liberal education and its ends.

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