2 thoughts on “How compatible are you with Friedrich Nietzsche?”

  1. Given your medico-biographical research into, and philosophical engagement with, Nietzsche, I wonder what you think an optimal score would be.

    A high score on ‘intellectual’ is clearly enviable, but at least a bit less so, it seems to me, on ’emotional’, and perhaps very much less so on ‘physical’ — though perhaps not, in light how much that Nietzsche values about himself he ascribes to his experiences of infirmity. (God knows, I could use some of that “dialectician’s clarity par excellence” for which he thanks the rigors of illness.)


  2. I was stunned how aligned I am with the old Polish nobleman. Intellectually, I’m 99% in tune. Wow! Emotionally and physically less so, but overall I’m 77%. I think I’ll have the 99% figure put on my business cards.


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