UVU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Send a 300-word abstract to Dave Newlin at newlinda(at)uvu(dot)edu. Include your name, institution, title of your paper, and phone number. Papers in any philosophical area are welcome.

Deadline: March 17th

Conference: April 8th

Keynote speaker: Charlie Huenemann

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

6 thoughts on “UVU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference”

  1. Hi, I just got done submitting a paper to the conference. The title of my paper is, “Why should the state privilege heterosexual monogamy over all other gender arrangements?” I argue for the traditional definition of marriage and how it can unify a society better than can any other household arrangement. I hope I am able to present it, I am excited about this paper. If anyone else would like to read it, I would be happy to send them a copy.


  2. I just got mine in as well. I hope the abstract was clearer to my topic this time. I’ll be exploring a possibility for reconstruction of Derrida’s views of the Other and how to deal with the Other, and doing so through the ideas shown in Plato’s Republic.


  3. I just got my acceptance letter, I will be presenting my paper on bringing Abraham and Isaac into Taoism at the conference.


  4. I just got mine earlier. I’d be glad to give anyone a lift if they would like a carpool or need a ride. I’ll probably need a navigator anyway as I’ve no idea where this will be held or what the campus looks like.


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