2 thoughts on “Islamic philosophy”

  1. I believe there is also a talk today by a highly renowned Islamic Philosophical scholar, Dr. Daniel Peterson, at 4pm in the Family Life Building. I hope its still on, I believe Mark said at the Star Wars meeting that this one of the participants in a massive project of getting Islamic philosophy put into English, which is of massive international importance and philosophical as well.


  2. Will is right. The Islamic Translation series has initiated and funded the translation of Islamic philosophy which has been previously unavailable in English. Dr. Peterson has taught Islamic philosophy at BYU for a number of years. He said that before these texts were available, teaching Islamic philosophy would have been like teaching western philosophy without Plato and Aristotle. If anyone is interested in learning more, the website for the translation series is below as well as a link to a lecture given by Dr. Peterson about the beginnings of the project. Those who listened to him speak on Wednesday know that he is a captivating and very interesting speaker.


    [audio src="http://www.byub.org/findatalk/opentalk.asp?TalkID=4549&talk=http://byubmp3.byu.edu/edweek/2003/8/dpeterson.mp3" /]


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