2 thoughts on “We need more atheists like David Hume

  1. Kleiner

    Blackburn says the upshot is ‘sceptical irony’. So Hume leads to the vacuous irony of postmodernity? Nz would not be pleased. Can’t atheism have higher aspirations than irony? Postmodern irony is boring and spiritually impoverished – both theists and Nz hate it. Please tell me contemporary atheism is capable of something more nourishing than Seinfeld.
    Related book (and an interesting and fun book to read): ‘Shows About Nothing: Nihilism in Popular Culture from the Exorcist to Seinfeld’ by Boston College philosopher Thomas Hibbs (an admitted pop culture junkie).


  2. Rob

    I agree with Kleiner. I’ve not read the Dialogues, but as Blackburn describes them, neither of the theists in it appear to me to bear much resemblance to the sort of theism worth fighting for or against.



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