6 thoughts on “So who were the greatest philosophers of all time?

  1. Rob

    without by any means suggesting that he would (or should) have wound up as a contender in the final poll, I think Freud should have appeared as a candidate on at least one of the earlier, more restricted polls.


  2. Rob

    There’s a juicy piece in the May 15 TLS, pp. 14-15 (which I can’t find online) by Lesley Chamberlain (author of “Nietzsche in Turn”, which I’ve yet to read but heard good things about) on Heidegger: Dear little soul: Heidegger’s marriage and womanizing reflect the coldness and impersonality at the centre of his philosophy[!].

    It opens with:

    “Is it the shadow of the loveless Nietzsche that makes one so surprised to find Heidegger a womanizer?”



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