Three items regarding honor

1. If you have taken 2+ courses in Philosophy, and done well, you may be eligible to join Phi Sigma Tau, our Philosophy honor society. You get to wear a bright yellow neck thingy at graduation to show how wise and honorable you are. More details.

2. You also may be eligible to join the Honors program at USU, get special access to classes and get access to special classes, and write an honors thesis. More details.

3. What is “honor” anyway? Hobbes says that to honor someone is to ask for their aid. Aristotle, more plausibly, thinks it it to be respected by people who know what they’re talking about in the area of one’s own excellence. Kant thought it was disinterestedly doing your duty in obedience to the moral law. Me? I’d go for the yellow neck thingy.

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

3 thoughts on “Three items regarding honor”

  1. How helpful is Honors as grad school bait? I used to be in the Honors program, but I dropped out because it was boring (or because I was a whiny freshman). Is it worth it to get back in?


  2. I’m not sure having “Honors” on the transcript helps all that much with grad school (though it surely does not hurt). But I think the activity of writing and defending an Honors thesis is good preparation for the sort of work done in grad school.

    You should come talk to me about grad school; I pretend to have good advice about it.


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