Ralph McInerny, resquiescat in pace (1929-2010)

Prof McInerny died Friday morning.  Considered by many (including me) to be one of the intellectual giants of our times, he was as well known for his fiction work (particularly the Father Dowling mysteries) as his philosophical work.  Regarding the latter, he was one of the most astute commentators around on St. Thomas Aquinas and his work in that area has been enormously influential.  Thomas Hibbs comments on his passing here.

Author: Kleiner

Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. I teach across the curriculum, but am most interested in continental philosophy, ancient and medieval philosophy as well as Catholic thought, all of which might be summed up as an interest in the ressourcement tradition (returning in order to make progress). I also enjoy spending time thinking about liberal education and its ends.

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