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The Philosophy program this fall

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Old Main, USU


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• Is the world eternal? YES
• Do humans have contra-causal free will (i.e., can humans do otherwise)? NO
• Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? YES
• Do humans have souls? YES
• Are there natural rights? YES
• Is it morally permissible to eat meat? NO
• Is the unexamined life worth living? NO
• Is truth subjectivity? YES
• Is virtue necessary for happiness? YES
• Can a computer have a mind? YES
• Can humans know reality as it is in itself? YES
• Is hell other people? YES
• Can art be created accidentally? NO
• Can we change the past? NO
• Are numbers real? NO
• Is it always better to know the truth? YES

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This fall we will see many more offerings in Philosophy than we have had in recent years, due mainly to the return/addition of more teaching faculty.

Gordon Steinhoff will return from his 09-10 sabbatical, and will resume teaching his courses in logic, metaphysics, and East Asian Philosophy.

Harrison Kleiner has been hired as a Lecturer, and will be teaching Ethics and Social Ethics, as well as distance ed sections of Social Ethics and Business Ethics. He also will be teaching a section of USU 1320 (Civilization: Humanities). We’re not sure yet exactly what Kleiner will be teaching in the spring, but his assignment is sure to include the highly-anticipated Contemporary European Philosophy. Also note that Kleiner is moving office, from the basement of Main to Main 341A.

Gary McGonagill will also be joining our faculty as a Lecturer this fall from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Dr. McGonagill’s Ph.D is in Classics from Harvard, and he will be teaching our Ancient Philosophy course, as well as some sections of Intro to Philosophy and yet another section of USU 1320. His work has focused on the intersections of ancient Greek philosophy with early Christianity. McGonagill will also offer a seminar course in the spring, on a topic of his own devising.

Huenemann has been appointed an Associate Dean in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, so he will only be teaching one course each term next year, but he will be generally available for advising, consultation, and sarcastic skepticism.



  1. Kleiner says:

    FYI to students: I will be moving offices next week. I will be leaving my Hobbit hole down in the basement of Old Main and moving to Main 341 A. Moving out of a cave and nearer to the light should assist those who come by my office all the more in fighting off Huenemann’s sarcastic skepticism. But wait … Huenemann has always been up in the light (2nd floor), so will leaving the cave make me a skeptic or even a Huenemanniac?!


  2. Huenemann says:

    The higher elevation should help you to get a more accurate perspective.


  3. blood_and_ashes says:

    Good news that is bittersweet, for my schedule does not allow me to partake in all the philosophical joy. Like Huenemann I was forced by circumstance to axe pleasure for various necessities, but that is life. I hope I can sit in to Kleiner’s humanities course to watch his magic unfold in a new way.

    Regarding the move skyward, I hope you have a pleasant view because Logan is so lovely year round, but avoid the elevator. A)it will make you lazy and B) as I discovered in the filming of a german movie that Huenemann himself provided superstar cameo for, its goddamn possessed.


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