Yet another tiresome argument from design

Sorry. But until someone accurately describes what an “undesigned” universe would be, I’m not all that impressed by the claim that this one is obviously designed. Moreover, whence this confidence that the universe is comprehensible? Physicists get one or two or ten things figured out, and it goes right to their heads.

The article is here.

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

One thought on “Yet another tiresome argument from design”

  1. One more possibility I guess. I thought his remark, “…set up to provide a home for life…” sounded very Aristotelian. I, personally, have always liked the notion that all things strive toward their intended purpose, sort of a “filling the measure of one’s creation” approach. I can’t defend or explain it–just that I have experienced it at certain times and in various ways.

    I think these new arguments are powerful (though far fetched) tools for, at least, breaking down stifling old paradigms that have misled us for centuries. They encourage us to question, to be curious again. Einstein once said, “I believe curiosity has its own reason for existing.” and I agree with him.

    I have appreciated how many interesting things you have been throwing on here over the past month–such a splattering of ideas–it has been fun to follow your thought processes that seem to be leading you all over the place lately! Thanks for sharing.


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