Great colloquium!

Just a word of appreciation to all those who participated in yesterday’s colloquium. It was gratifying to see so many friends, faculty, and students turn out to cheer on the presenters. And each presenter did a fine job – I know many of you were a bit nervous, but you each really did well in covering difficult material and fielding pesky questions and objections. Truly impressive!

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

4 thoughts on “Great colloquium!”

  1. Kleiner: “What, do you think I just carry a bible around everywhere I go?!”

    Kleiner: “That music is just exhausting!”
    Sherlock: “No, its DISTURBING!”

    \m/ Glad I could make things interesting. :)
    Carson, Mike, Dan and Eric were all just awesome. Its always humbling to come to these with people my age and see them just leave me behind, awesome work all of you.


  2. I really enjoyed yours, Will (despite the brief aural violence). Really interesting! I was impressed by your extemporaneous presentation of the material– that’s hard to do. I would have felt naked without a paper between my fingers.

    I thought everyone did a great job as well!


  3. It sounds like everyone had a good time; I was sorry to miss it. Is there any way we could post people’s papers so those of who couldn’t make it could see what everyone did?


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