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Bessinger lecture


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Philosophy major Carson Bessinger will be presenting a public lecture on March 31st. His talk will be about a project for which he was awarded a grant from the Utah Humanities Council. (Way to go, Bessinger!) I will copy below the press release for the event.

Chapter U of the International P.E.O. Sisterhood, an organization that
promotes education for others, has invited Carson Bessinger, a reciver of the Utah
Humanities Council 2011 Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship, to present his
research on the philosophy of consciousness on March 31 at 4:00 PM at the Accolades
at Hamilton’s 2427 North Main Logan, Utah 84341. Bessinger will be presenting his
research from a paper titled: “Consciousness Enframed: The Alētheia of Qualia,” which
he presented at an undergraduate philosophy conference last year.

Bessinger’s research is an examination of the philosopher Daniel Dennett’s claim that
qualia—the subjective experience of our senses—do not exist, that they are an illusion.
That is to say there is no red that we experience when we see an apple, just a
judgment that it is red. Bessinger argues in favor of Dennett’s account while ultimately
criticizing it using the philosophy of Heidegger.

All are welcome to attend this lighthearted presentation of an examination of
consciousness—what it seems to be and what it might actually be.
For more information regarding this event please call Carson Bessinger 435-881-4212.
For more information about the Utah Humanities Council contact Maria Torres at or call 801-359-9670. For more information regarding the
P.E.O. Sisterhood, call 435-752-5438.



  1. (This is Will, it won’t let me post otherwise)
    I know its last minute but tomorrow, March 19th there will be two panels by the USU Veterans Representatives regarding the Iraq war, one by students, veterans, protesters, Iraqi students and possibly others at 1 pm, that I’ll be participating in, and another at 6 pm, called “After Iraq: The costs and benefits of nine years in Iraq.” with potential panelists: Jeannie L. Johnson (USU political science), Selin Ece Guner (USU political science), Lyle Holmgren (USU extension), Iraqi students, VA representatives. The event will be held in the TSC Juniper room.

    Two great events this month, but I’m incredibly excited for Carson. Its been a pleasure to have been sort of by his side academically and see this interest grow with his great mind. Great work bud.


  2. Huenemann says:

    Thanks for mentioning this, Will – I’ve advertized the events in a new post.


  3. Sorry for the late notice! Thanks for the new post!


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