4 thoughts on “Bowling tonight!”

  1. Perhaps due to late arrival, but no one was there but Alex, so we played pool. Our philosophical resolutions were that nihilism is the key to further rejection of deconstructive self denial. And the Hokey Pokey is really what its all about, but the nihilism takes care of that.


  2. Ah, I waited only 5-10 minutes, and then decided no one was coming. Sorry! I’m not sure what your first resolution means (though I’m totally down with the hokey pokey). Larger substantive issue: is the pool oracle authoritative?


  3. We were going to bowl, but we went the Eastern philosophy route and played pool. The main contention was the qualitative socialist value of Hokey, when compared to the transformative hermeneutics of Pokey, given the quantum steam emitted by liberal feminists in a Zermelo-Fraenkel interpretation of basic algebra and the progressive Marxist political values that turn us all about. That’s what it’s all about.


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