Fall 2012 Saint Socrates Society application process now open

Call for applications:

Students are invited to apply for the fall 2012 Saint Socrates Society reading group.  This fall we will be discussing a collection of books on the topic “Education and its Ends.”  The meeting time for the fall 2012 group will be every Tuesday from 3:00-4:15pm.

We will read works from selected authors including Josef Pieper, Cardinal John Henry Newman, Allen Bloom, Martha Nussbaum, and Mortimer Adler.  Participants will post weekly reading reflections on the blog and participate in weekly discussions on the assigned readings.  While the reading group does not count for USU credit, students may get Honors credit through an Honors Contract.

Thanks to the generous support of the USU Honors Program, students will receive their program books for free.

More information about the reading group, expectations of students, and the reading list for this fall can be found at the website saintsocratessociety.com under the “About the Saint Socrates Society” link.

Application process:

Students of sufficient intellectual maturity who are eager to read, think, and discuss a challenging set of texts concerned with human questions can apply.

Applications should be submitted via email to harrison.kleiner@usu.edu.  Include as attachments to the email:
– A resume.  Your resume must include the following items: your contact information (phone, email, address); academic year; major; GPA; academic achievements; extra-curricular activities; the name and email address of a USU faculty member who can be contacted for a reference.
– Submit a list of at least 3 books that have helped to shape your self-understanding.

Finalists will be interviewed by a team composed of Dr. Harrison Kleiner and at least one other USU faculty member.

The priority deadline for applications has passed.  Until funding is exhausted, the application process will be a rolling one (apply as soon as you can).

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Harrison Kleiner (harrison.kleiner@usu.edu).

Author: Kleiner

Associate Vice Provost and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah State University. I teach across the curriculum, but am most interested in continental philosophy, ancient and medieval philosophy as well as Catholic thought, all of which might be summed up as an interest in the ressourcement tradition (returning in order to make progress). I also enjoy spending time thinking about liberal education and its ends.

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