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From bowling to pizza

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Old Main, USU


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• Is the world eternal? YES
• Do humans have contra-causal free will (i.e., can humans do otherwise)? NO
• Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? YES
• Do humans have souls? YES
• Are there natural rights? YES
• Is it morally permissible to eat meat? NO
• Is the unexamined life worth living? NO
• Is truth subjectivity? YES
• Is virtue necessary for happiness? YES
• Can a computer have a mind? YES
• Can humans know reality as it is in itself? YES
• Is hell other people? YES
• Can art be created accidentally? NO
• Can we change the past? NO
• Are numbers real? NO
• Is it always better to know the truth? YES

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For the last three semesters, we have embarked upon an ambitious project of providing definitive answers to perennial questions via the oracle of Logan Lanes. (See the sidebar on the left for our results.) I think it may be time to give our arms a rest, and meet monthly for free and open discussion over beverages and the occasional pizza. So, starting this Monday, January 14th, we’ll convene at The Factory pizzeria, 119 S. Main. All are welcome!


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