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Go see Helen Whitney tonight

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• Is the world eternal? YES
• Do humans have contra-causal free will (i.e., can humans do otherwise)? NO
• Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? YES
• Do humans have souls? YES
• Are there natural rights? YES
• Is it morally permissible to eat meat? NO
• Is the unexamined life worth living? NO
• Is truth subjectivity? YES
• Is virtue necessary for happiness? YES
• Can a computer have a mind? YES
• Can humans know reality as it is in itself? YES
• Is hell other people? YES
• Can art be created accidentally? NO
• Can we change the past? NO
• Are numbers real? NO
• Is it always better to know the truth? YES

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Helen Whitney is a documentary filmmaker who makes films about questions and problems that reach deep into the soul. She’s a big deal; for an overview, see the Wikipedia article. She is on campus this week, screening selections from her films and talking about the challenges she’s faced in making them and the issues they address. Last night I attended her presentation about films she’s made about the insane, homosexuals, a women whose life was destroyed by McCarthy zealots, and photographer Richard Avedon. She is an interesting person and a compelling lecturer, and her work is riveting.

Tonight at 7:30 in the USU Performance Hall she’s discussing and presenting clips from another film she made, “Faith and Doubt”, which concerns both 9/11 and Pope John Paul II. I haven’t seen the film, but my impression is that it addresses the complexities of religious faith. I am sure it will be of philosophical interest. And it’s free.

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