UPDATE: Two events this Wednesday, with visiting scholar Norm Adler

(Note the room change for the 7 p.m. talk Wednesday.)

Wednesday, March 20, 11:30 am-1:00 pm, Library 101: Norm Adler (Yeshiva University) will offer insights into “Teaching Big Ideas”. Adler, a professor of biological psychology, chairs a project entitled “Big Questions: Faith and Reason on the College Campus” for the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Don’t miss a chance to meet the Big Questions!

Wednesday, March 20th, 7 p.m., Main 225: Norm Adler again, addressing the Religious Studies Club:

The Varieties of Religious Experience —
A Biopsychologist Looks at Religion:
G-d in Heaven
G-d in our Genes,
G-d in our Brains: 

            are We Wired to Believe?

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

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