Upcoming Phun Philosophy Events

TOMORROW (Saturday): Philosophy on Tap, White Owl, 7 p.m. (just look for the table of distracted, serious people). Fun discussion.

FLASH! Philosophy: submit a title of your 10-minute not-so-serious philosophical idea to present, like what makes idealism more hip than materialism, either to me (Huenemann) or to justin_solum {at} yahoo.com by this Tuesday (11/19). The event will be on Thursday (10/21), 5:30 p.m., place TBD.

Finally, Solum tells me this: “Tarbet and I have been periodically going out into “free speech zone” on campus and attempting to engage in conversation with non-philosophy students by posing questions to them such as: What is art? Why are you in college? What does it mean to be “right”? etc. We want other philosophy students to feel free to come and join us if they ever see us there, but we want to make clear that the purpose of this is NOT for philosophy students to talk with each other, rather it is so we can bring philosophy down from its supposed “ivory tower” to other students and show that philosophy’s questions are important for everyone.” Good show, gents!


1 thought on “Upcoming Phun Philosophy Events

  1. Huenemann Post author

    The FLASH event is cancelled – turns out people are just too busy right now. We’ll get this going again next semester.



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