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David Bentley Hart on artificial intelligence

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• Is the world eternal? YES
• Do humans have contra-causal free will (i.e., can humans do otherwise)? NO
• Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? YES
• Do humans have souls? YES
• Are there natural rights? YES
• Is it morally permissible to eat meat? NO
• Is the unexamined life worth living? NO
• Is truth subjectivity? YES
• Is virtue necessary for happiness? YES
• Can a computer have a mind? YES
• Can humans know reality as it is in itself? YES
• Is hell other people? YES
• Can art be created accidentally? NO
• Can we change the past? NO
• Are numbers real? NO
• Is it always better to know the truth? YES

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Of interest to all, but perhaps especially to those in Huenemann’s Philosophy of Mind course:

David Bentley Hart explains why the mind is not like a  computer and why mind and its activities cannot be reduced to material processes.

Here is a longer treatment.

Hat tip to USU alum Cam Davis for this link.




  1. Huenemann says:

    It’s a good expression of Searle’s “Chinese Room” argument (which we’ll be discussing in class in a couple of weeks). And if one insists that intensionality can result only from some mysterious sort of consciousness that is available only to humans, it’s a compelling argument.


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