What philosophy courses would you like to see?

51LkIDSqcxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Philosophy and Futurama? Philosophy of Love? Ontology of Mathematics? Seminar on Nicholas of Cusa? World Philosophy? Facebook Filosophy? What courses, or kinds of courses, would you like to see offered? Feel free to comment here, or send me an email (charlie.huenemann[at]usu.edu).

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

5 thoughts on “What philosophy courses would you like to see?”

  1. I like all of those ideas… can I teach the Ontology of Mathematics one? I’d explain how along the journey of trying to understand how mathematical objects relate to empirical phenomena, one can better understand the work of Sartre, Hegel, Aristotle, and Kant. Haha


  2. I’ve always wondered what a Philosophy of Monty Python course would be like. So I’ll put my vote there. Or your Philosophy of Video Games class that you’ve previously mentioned. Philosophy of Theme Parks! Philosophy of Music!


  3. I wholeheartedly agree that Philosophy of Video Games should be a class (I have several suggestion worthy games and game archetypes).
    Other previously mentioned suggestions I would enjoy include be Philosophy of Monty Python and Philosophy and Futurama.

    Suggestions/Ideas I’ve had:
    -Philosophy of animation (television, movies, etc.)
    -Something like “Contemporary Philosophies.” Ideally, the philosophies of modern groups are examined/scrutinized. (ex. philosophy of hackers, philosophy of internet pirating, philosophy of the dating-related red pill debate, philosophy of parenting, philosophy of augmented reality, philosophy of ai/androids, philosophy of 90s folk, etc.)
    —A variation would be “Contemporary Issues” where post-college roles/activities are examined. The goal of the class is to take “ordinary life” after college and find the inherent philosophical relevance. (ex. philosophy of parenting, philosophy of vacation, philosophy of smartphone selection, philosophy of cooking, philosophy of
    -Philosophy of Law could be two courses (Is there a major for that already? Law and Constitutional Studies?)
    -Philosophy of Education (there probably are majors for this)


  4. We’re putting these into action, Ross! We have a “Philosophy and Pop Culture” class up and running, and the specific topic varies each time. We also have Philosophy of Law (next fall, I think). The other “Philosophy of [occupation]” is an interesting idea; we have discussed a philosophy of work class, though that’s a little different.


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