2 thoughts on “Does God Exist? debate”

  1. Just a note. I have heard Dan Barker debate. I had actually agreed to be the ‘for’ debater a couple of months ago, but I am now in a different state (new job).

    Dan Barker is particularly vicious in his presentation against all the things of the Judeo-Christian religious history and tradition that I despise as well. I generally agree with his strong condemnations. However, he is really only arguing against literalist, exclusivist, conquest-oriented interpretations of religious traditions. I hope Bryan Hurlbutt picks good ground for a simple, gentle line of debate.


  2. I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed by both participants selected. I should withhold judgment on Hurlbutt since I’m not familiar with him, but I’ve only ever been disappointed by conservative, Evangelical debaters.


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