Middle East Studies petition

Some students are starting up a petition to have a Middle East Studies program here at USU. Here’s the info from an email I recently received:

> The Utah State Middle East Club is petitioning the University to begin
> offering classes focused on the Middle East. Specifically, we are
> asking for classes in Political Science, History, Religious Studies,
> and Arabic.
> Our long term goal is to have a Middle Eastern Studies program at Utah
> State; our short term goal is simply to let President Albrecht, the
> Provost, and Dean Niemann know that there are students interested in
> this critical area of this world.
> If you see the need for Middle East-centered curriculum at Utah State,
> please see the attached petition sheet. Representatives from the club
> will be coming around to as many classes as possible and sending the
> petition around. If you are able to help us in the petitioning
> effort, we need as many people as possible to print out the petition
> and send it around in their classes. If you have any questions or
> comments, please email us at usu.mec@gmail.com, or at any of our
> personal addresses.
> Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!
> The Middle East Club
> Rob Jepson – President
> robmjepson@gmail.com
> (801) 995-3336

Author: Huenemann

Curious about the ways humans use their minds and hearts to distract themselves from the meaninglessness of life.

One thought on “Middle East Studies petition”

  1. While I would love to see such a program. I cannot in good conscience sign this petition while watching my own program be reduced to near nothingness.

    Perhaps a petition to expand philosophy?


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