Philosophy Conference Friday

See the schedule, over in the “Announcements” box on the right. All are certainly welcome; the presentations have breaks among them so you can move among rooms if you like. Also, if you’re interested in dining with the philosophers, let Huenemann know.

9 thoughts on “Philosophy Conference Friday

  1. Blood_and_Ashes

    You are a cruel and devilish being Charlie, for taunting us believing creatures with this, fully knowing the Frye Street Quartet plays about that same time! My belief may not grant me multiplicity in space and time, but I yearn all the same. Gah! Only a Nietzschean could possibly conceive of such a scheduling with no moral qualms.



  2. Huenemann Post author

    Ah, but the Fry Street doesn’t play ’til 7:30. You can still attend the conference, though you might miss dinner.


  3. Blood_and_Ashes

    He might sit in the back with a club and a menacing look though. Just ignore him, he’s been all bark and little bite since having a kid.

    Hopefully Kleiner doesn’t put me in a pretzelhold for that one…..


  4. source

    He had better not, because that was the funniest thing I’ve read on the interwebs all day.

    I’d like to come to the dinner (I’m Ben Siler, if you can’t tell from my portrait). Does this count as letting Huenemann know?



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